With 2016 marking Indiana Borough's bicentennial, we decided to take a look at Diamond Drug Stores and our history in the area.

Pharmacist Tom Seifert discusses how poison ivy (and its active irritant urushiol) causes itchy burning rashes for many every spring and summer. He also debunks some common myths about the pesky plant.

Sea salt is often touted as being healthier than table salt, but is there a significant difference in overall nutritional value? Our Tom Seifert breaks down the differences.

In this edition, Brenda offers advice to fight that most dreaded of seasonal allergens- pollen.

Diamond pharmacist Tom Seifert discusses left arm pain and whether or not it's the sign of an impending heart attack. Have a topic you'd like to see covered? Tell us in the comments section.

Diamond pharmacist Brenda Kromer-Catanzaro discusses some common signs of heart attack in women. Have a topic you'd like to see discussed? Tell us in the comments.

The Diamond Pharmacy/Med Supply/Drug Stores Family would like to wish everyone a most blessed Thanksgiving.

Diamond proudly took part in the "It's a Wonderful Life" festival parade held November 20 in downtown Indiana. Employees dressed as elves and sang carols to welcome in the holiday season.

Loyal Diamond customers earn reward points with every purchase.

We're pleased to welcome Brenda Kromer-Catanzaro as the new manager of our downtown pharmacy location. Her first loves are independent pharmacy and building customer relationships. Get to know her.

We sat down with Diamond Medical Supply's team of Registered Respiratory Therapists to learn about the services they provide and how they work to ensure the very best quality of life for their patients.

In this edition, we step away from the drug stores and turn the spotlight on Larry Mack, manager of our retail Medical Supply Store. We get to know Larry's everyday life at the store, how he came to Diamond, and his first love- helping customers.

How to use the MobileRx App for your Android and IOS devices.

Tom Seifert has lots to say about customer service, his indispensable pharmacy staff, the wonderful people of Indiana, and more.

In honor of Jimmy Stewart's birthday, we asked Diamond employees what their favorite Jimmy Stewart film is.

Welcome to Diamond Drug

For over 40 years now, we’ve filled prescriptions and fostered many friendships with our neighbors in Indiana and beyond. Much has changed in this time, but if these four decades have taught us anything, it’s that highly personalized service never grows old with customers. Our pharmacy staff at 670 Philadelphia Street and 841 Hospital Road looks forward to dispensing not just medications, but service and advice rooted in friendliness and compassion. See for yourself how much we truly care about care.